[]Walk a little further with you.. EXO[]

Sehun: I…I pray every night before going to bed…hold on…

Baekhyun: What’s wrong?

Kai: Sehunnie really thinks about the members a lot 

Ryeowook: Even as the maknae, he cares so much… i’m the maknae too and we have to see how the older hyungs feel.. it’s tough as the maknae 

Chanyeol: Sehunnie don’t cry~ 

Sehun: I said i would try not to cry on broadcast…(to the members:) let’s not ever fight, let’s be there for eachother. It would be nice if we would all just be happy and well together forever.

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Suho giving his winning speech alone  for #Overdose2ndWin on Mcountdown

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I know that these are practically reposts of my past 2 Kris birthday posts but during times like these I just look forward to your smile. During hard times like these I wish for your happiness. You did not need to put us before your sake. The fact that you did makes you the most selfless human being. Regardless of what you do, what you decide to do, I will support you until the end of time. I am forever a proud 凡baby and I am always thankful that you came into my life.

#WeBelieveInYouKris ♥

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Come in

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when he was chosen as the most shy with girls

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9/ Things Yixing does that make him kawaii - v(≧▽≦)\

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